Colonization of Philippine Television

Topics: Endemol, Television, Pinoy Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: March 18, 2011
During the beginning of the 21st century, one of the developments in Philippine television was the emergence of foreign shows which were dubbed and translated in Filipino. Since then, imported shows of different genres, forms and modes have gained popularity all over the country and have been a big part of daily viewing of every Filipino. There have been already hundreds of foreign shows televised by different networks, majority of which have come from North and Latin America, Europe and most especially, East Asia. However, regardless of where they originated from or what their genres are, these shows evidently receive warm welcome and appreciation from their Filipino viewers.

Recently, Philippine networks also started to re-enact and replicate foreign shows. This time, however, it is not just by dubbing and using Filipino as language but by producing Philippine versions of these shows, that is, by completely transferring the settings, narratives, characters and everything to the Philippine perspective. For series or telenovelas with Philippine versions, examples are Marimar, My Girl, My Name is Kim Sam Soon and more. This breakthrough is not only limited to series because game and reality shows seen in Philippine TV are mostly versions of popular foreign shows. Examples are our current and past game shows namely Kapamilya: Deal or No Deal, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, The Singing Bee, 1 vs 100 and many more. Also, reality shows of many networks are just localized versions, examples of which are Pinoy Big Brother, Pinoy Dream Academy, Survivor-Philippines and Pinoy Fear Factor. Undoubtedly, Filipino viewers have been greatly entertained by these localized foreign shows which in turn, have its impacts and implications on the viewers and on the society as well.

Primarily, the telecast of Philippine versions of foreign shows may imply that Filipino producers don’t have the ability and creativity to think of ideas, stories, mechanics and production aesthetics,...
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