Colors Tv Report

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Colors TV Channel – Study of Marketing Strategy

Presented By: Group 2

Gourav Dokania - 10P078

Rahul Kaushal - 10P100

Saaransh Malani - 10P106

Shalabh Arora - 10P109

Shivi Goel -10P112

Tisa Annie Paul - 10P117

Vivek Mogili - 10P120


Television environment: a brief study4

Marketing environment:4

The Genesis – The Launch and its effects7

The Silver Lining10


PROMOTION STRATEGIES for the launch:12

Analysing Colors based on marketing framework15

SWOT Analysis:17

Marketing Mix:18

Analyzing consumer behavior and developing targeting strategies:19


AD rates and Sources of Revenues:22


Pricing Policy24


Areas of concern:25


As part of our second project in Marketing Planning course, we would like to present a comprehensive study regarding the Colors TV channel. As part of the study, we would like to cover the following points: 1. The marketing environment revolving around TV channels in general This is divided into three parts during the course of the report: • Pre-liberalization environment

• The immediate post-liberalization phase
• The environment preceding the launch of Colors channel • The present marketing environment
2. The consumer target segment and their behaviour during the above phases 3. The launch strategies followed by Colors TV
4. The analysis of Colors TV channel based on various marketing frameworks Below are the frameworks, we would like to base our study on: • SWOT analysis
• 5 C’s framework
5. The product and marketing strategies followed by the channel 6. The segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies as applicable. The study and analysis is backed by an online survey 7. The pricing policies taking into account the revenue model and AD rates 8. The distribution policies followed by the channel

9. Recommendations and conclusions

Television environment: a brief study

We will start our study by briefly explaining what we mean by a marketing environment and will then proceed to study the marketing environment of TV channels as discussed in the phases above. We will specifically focus our study in Hindi General Entertainment Channels.

Marketing environment:

A marketing environment consists of actors and forces outside the organization that affect management’s ability to build and maintain relationships with target customers. Two kinds of classification can be made: • Microenvironment: actors close to the companies that affect its ability to serve its customers. • Macroenvironment: larger societal forces that affect the microenvironment. Two points are worth noting at this stage:

• Studying the environment allows marketers to take advantage of opportunities as well as to combat threats. • Marketing intelligence and research are used to collect information about the environment.

Doordarshan era:
Indian small screen programming started majorly in the early 1980s. At that time there was only one national channel Doordarshan, which was government owned. By the late 1980s more and more people started to own television sets. Though there was a single channel, television programming had reached saturation. Hence the government opened up another channel which had part national programming and part...
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