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Topics: Slavery, United States, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: October 17, 2012
The Columbian Exchange created a significant transformation in the culture and society of Europe . The exploration of the Americas created the Columbian Exchange which increased the wealth of Europe, introduced new crops and animals to European farms, and established the African slave trade, generating a substantial change in European society . An abundance of natural resources in the New World led to an increase in Europe’s wealth . One of the major reasons the Spanish conquistadors came to the Americas was gold. The Aztecs and Incas were extremely affluent with precious metals, and the Spanish were able to bring much of those riches back to Europe , boosting the economy by adding more wealth . Even the furs of the North American animals were extremely valuable back in Europe for fashion purposes, so the trading of furs became highly profitable . The economic system of mercantilism aided this influx of wealth; the newly prosperous nations gained maximum capital from their trading by establishing colonies. In mercantilism, the European nations exported much more than they imported to increase the wealth of the nation. The newfound wealth of the Americas affected the upper and middle classes, who benefited from the profits. Governments used the money to sponsor research in industry and to build up their militaries . The flourishing economy led to improved technology and militaries, thus causing a significant change in European society. Another major product of the Columbian Exchange was the introduction of new crops and animals from the Americas. The most important crop brought to Europe was the potato. The potato was a staple, since it provided key essential nutrients. Thus, it provided a reliable source of nutrients to sustain peasants during grain shortages, allowing for a population increase. The potato’s versatility led to its expansion, and it became a major food source for Ireland, Scotland, and Germany. It was more efficient to grow than the...
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