Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Mind, Television, Entertainment Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Reading VS Watching TV

Even though reading and watching TV share similar entertainment purposes, they still have distinct qualities that make one another different.
Both reading and watching TV are idle activities. The pair are used for purposes of entertainment whether it’s laying in bed enjoying a good book or just sitting on the couch following a favorite TV series. Each of the amusing activities can either be social or anti-social. An example of how they can be social is by sitting down with a group of friends watching the game on cable or talking with friends in a book club talking about the book. While they can also be something someone can do by there selves in their own space.

There are also many differences between reading and watching TV on of which is that reading requires a considerably larger amount of mental focus. Many have studies have proven that reading involves more thought process because when someone because when someone is reading it requires more imagination to create the world in ones mind of what they’re reading about. While when someone is watching TV there is very little thought process because is someone else’s thoughts put into they’re own visual representation. Another key difference between reading an in depth novel and watching a movie is that a novel would have more content that can be interpreted by who is reading or listening to it. Reading is at ones own pace while with TV one isn’t able to do so. If someone reads books are cheap sources of entertainment because they are cheap to produce therefore cheap to buy. While the great number of channels on TV gives a vast assortment of options to watch something books don’t have at such convenience.

So even though the two are different in many ways, they still share the same purpose of entertainment and people are able to get a great amount of enjoyment from both. All the facts show the reasons why people choose books over TV and vice versa.
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