Topics: Developmental psychology, Childhood, Infant Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: February 13, 2014
Goal 1: To understand the basic principles of child growth and development Growth and development begins at the time of birth. As a baby takes his first breath they have already started to reach milestones in development. This process continues long after babies grow into toddlers and toddlers grow into preschoolers and preschoolers grow into young school children. Children are growing and developing skills that are changing quickly not only physical, but emotionally and mentally. A child family is instrumental in its development. Development varies according to the family’s cultures, social status and environment. Although there is a standard for reaching one’s milestones these are only guidelines. I as a parent of three have notices how differently children reach these milestones. As I studied child development I know how important it is for the growth and development of each individual child. The knowledge I have gained has taught me that growth and development is about the whole child not an age or stage. I have shared the information that I have learned with my daughters in order to help them understand each developmental stage is building into the whole child. My position as a staff member of a child care center has allowed me the opportunity to use the knowledge I have gained. I know that a child’s language begins long before the first word; children use expressive language and body language before they have the ability to speak. Even small babies are using physical development before they can control their movements. I have also learned that babies and toddlers have the same emotions as adults they are just conveyed in terms of babies’ development. I can use this information in planning daily activities to encourage development of children of all ages. Family diversity has a big influence on children adapt to its surroundings. A great deal of families lives in single parent homes or living in multigenerational homes this all has effect on...
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