Consider Research That Determines How Early Attachment Impacts on the Social and Emotional Development of Three to Five Year Olds and Adults.

Topics: Developmental psychology, Health, Child development Pages: 8 (2445 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Explain what constitutes the physical and psychological needs of a three year old child.

Explain how these needs can ideally be met in a childcare settingDefine physical needs * Briefly define what is meant by physical needs, including exercise and rest, diet, health and safety * Identify the specific physical needs of a three year old.Give a full explanation of the steps carers should ideally take to fulfil these physical needs. * Consider for example, how you could provide for gross and fine motor skills. Also think about safety issues (such as appropriate clothing for specific weather conditions), access to fresh air and ventilation in classrooms, opportunities for rest, etc. * Give practical examples of what a setting would do to ensure the child’s well being as an essential pre-requisite to effective learning.Define psychological needs – focus on emotional and social needs. (10) * Briefly define what is meant by psychological needs, focus on emotional and social needs. Your definition should briefly consider the needs for survival, participation and belonging. * Identify the specific psychological needs of a three year old.Give a full explanation of the steps carers should ideally take to ensure the child’s emotional and social well-being. * Explain how the three year old’s emotional and social needs can be met. Here you should be looking at consistency, predictability and availability of care. * Explain how the children’s well-being and sense of belonging are promoted. * Focus on settling in procedures and transitions, availability of a key person and liaison with parents. * Give examples of how in practice you could make a three year old comfortable, settled, at ease and ready to actively participate in the daily life of a child care setting.Remember to consider the child-care and health issues that need to be met by the setting. * Make reference to current legislation relating to children’s health and safety (base this on the legislation you are familiar with) and relate this to policies in the care setting with regard to ensuring the overall wellbeing of the child.


When a child comes into this world as a dependant, adults have a responsibility to support a child’s growth. Adults must provide children with a safe environment where their physical and psychological needs can be met, enabling them to grow into healthy secure beings.

This thesis explores the physical and psychological needs of a three year old child, and how they can be met in a childcare setting in order to promote successful mental development. In the following writings these needs will be explained. It will be examined how these needs can benefit a child in their development and how individuals can be motivated whilst looking at the UK childcare standards of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

What are physical and psychological needs?

To understand how one can support a child’s mental growth, the physical and psychological needs of a child must be identified. As will be shown in the following writings, these needs are both of equal importance.

Physical needs are the basic rights and requirements that every human being needs to survive. Included in these needs are water, food, fresh air, shelter, a safe environment, rest, and a healthy diet, to name a few. Water and food are important for physical development as they strengthen a human’s immune system, and together with a healthy balanced diet promote physical growth and development of individuals. As a growing three year old child actively interacts with their environment these physical needs are important to assist them in learning on a day basis.

In a childcare setting, it is the duty of practitioner to guide a child through the importance of having a healthy diet, and encourage the child to make...
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