Consumer Behaviour

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June 25, 2012
Exposure, Attention and Comprehension on the Internet: Case Study Answers We've already read the case of Consumer Behavior "Exposure, Attention and Comprehension on the Internet". It is one of the prime case study studied to the MBA students. In this article we learnt about the benefits of E-Commerce, E-mail campaigning, Internet Marketing and many more. However, there are some questions left, which I want to reply here. 1- Consider the e-mail campaign discussed in this case, why do you think these campaigns were successful? Discuss the attention process that was at work. Do you see any potential drawbacks to this type of marketing?

Ans.- In this case, the internet and e-mail campaigning processes successful to grab the market and businesses. Now a day the internet grows more cluttered. The internet or e-mail campaign registers the vast majority of web addresses around the world. I think these campaigns are successful due to its priority which makes the sites come up to the top list of web searches. In addition, the internet users are finding the information they are looking for by using search engines and web directories.

The internet and email campaigning were preconscious attention processes. This is because; there is no conscious of making awareness, though it is an automatic process.

In this marketing, there are some drawbacks; but very little, which aren’t counted extremely. One of the most important drawbacks is due to the email campaigning; which in excessive cases creates spamming in the user’s profiles. 2- During the 2000 super bowl ABC invited viewers to visit its enhanced TV websites. Fans could see trivia, see replays, and participate in polls and chat rooms and view players’ statistics.The site received an estimated one million hits why? Frame your exposure, attention and comprehension.

Ans. - The live TV programs telecasted by ABC enhanced its viewers up to a million hits in a year. On the live show,...
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