Critical Thinking

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Networking Operations

Thinking Critically – Chapter 21 Page 1157-1158
1. Your friend has a Windows 2000 notebook computer and has purchased Windows XP and installed it as an upgrade on his notebook. He calls to tell you about the upgrade and says that he cannot connect to the Internet. His notebook has an embedded Ethernet port that he uses for communication. What do you tell him to do ? a. Reinstall Windows 2000.

b. Using another computer, download and install the Windows XP Ethernet drivers from the notebook manufacturer’s Web site. c. Search the CDs that come with the notebook for Windows XP Ethernet drivers and install them. d. Perform a clean install of Windows XP.

Answer: C. Search the CDs that come with the notebook for Windows XP Ethernet drivers and install them. 2. A friend asks you for help in determining the best product to buy: a notebook, tablet PC, or PDA. She is a paralegal and spends a lot of time at the courthouse researching real estate titles. She wants a device to take notes with as she works. List three questions you would ask her to help her make her decision. Answers may vary. Possible answers:

How extensive are the notes you want to take?
What type of notes do you take (text, drawings, or both)?
How much money do you want to spend?

3. Looking back at Figure 21-83, what are the eight ports showing in the callout photo listed from left to right? Answer: Power, modem, Ethernet, USB#1, USB#2, S-Video, parallel, and serial

Thinking Critically – Chapter 22 Page 1220-1221
1.A Windows XP computer has a locally installed printer that you must make available to eight other Windows XP computers on the network. What is the best way to do this? a.Use the Add Printer icon in the Printers window for each of the eight PCs. b.Use My Network Places to install the printer on each of the eight PCs. c.Use the printer manufacturer’s setup program from the printer’s CD on each of the eight PCs. d.Install the printer on each of...
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