Cudjoe Lewis

Topics: Atlantic slave trade, Slavery, African slave trade Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: August 31, 2011
Cudjoe Lewis

Cudjoe Lewis was born eighteen forty in Benin he was one of one hundreds nine men and women To be deported to Mobile, Alabama on Sunday July eight, eighteen sixty on the last slave ship he is also the last survivor of the Clotilda. Fifty two years after the country had abolished the international slave trade. Cudjo helped found the Mobile settlement African Town with other formerly enslaved companions from the Clotilda. His birth name is Oluale Kossola He was the second of four children and had twelve stepsiblings At age fourteen he began training as a soldier and learned how to track, hunt, camp, shoot arrows, throw spears, and defend his town, which was surrounded by four tall walls. As a teenager he was inducted into oro, a secret Yoruba male society whose role is to police and control society At the age of nineteen, Cudjoe meet his first love which he saw at the market, and at his father's urging underwent initiation that enabled young men and women to get married. Then In April 1860 while Cudjoe was training Ghezo, the King of Dahomey, and his army took over the town, killed the king and many of the people, and took the rest of the people that lived there prisoner. Then Cudjoe and his companions were taken to Abomey, Dahomey's capital, then on to Ouidah on the coast, where they were held for three weeks in a slave pen known as a barracoon which is a prison where slaves were held before being sent across the Atlantic. Then Cudjoe and one hundreds nine others from different regions of Benin and Nigeria boarded the slave ship Clotilda, captained by Mobile ship builder William Foster and embarked on the journey across the Atlantic Ocean, known during the slave trade as the Middle Passage. During the forty five days he was on the ship, Cudjoe suffered from terrible thirst and the humiliation of been forced to be on the ship naked when Cudjoe arrived In Mobile, he was enslaved by James Meaher and...
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