Current Issues in Life Span Development

Topics: Human Development Index, Critical period, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Stress in Life-Span Development
Stress is an issue people deal with from childhood to adulthood. Stress is defined as “people’s physical and psychological reactions to demanding situations” (Nairne, 2006). The stress of a child may be at a different level than of an adult. However, anyone dealing with stress finds that it is not an easy concept. Stress is a part of life people deal with from time to time. The things that put stress in our lives, and how we handle the issue can depend on several factors. There are significant concepts, features, and critical periods in life-span development that stress represents in different situations with different people. Stress Concepts

There are several concepts in people’s everyday lives that can lead to stress. Some of life’s stresses that have affected me are attending school, raising my daughter alone, cleaning, and maintaining a healthy relationship with my husband. These different types of stress can pose a great deal of pressure on anyone. I feel the everyday pressures of submitting my assignments on time, and earning the best grade I possibly can amount to most of my stress. Furthermore, I have to practically raise my three old on my own because my husband’s job is extremely demanding. This alone branches off more stress to completing my schoolwork promptly, and the everyday housewife cleaning and cooking chores. Also, as I previously mentioned, my husband’s job has him gone a lot. Thus, I stress to make sure that he and I maintain a healthy married relationship. There are moments I fear one of these important events in my life is neglected more often than I would like. However, many of my daily hassles are not the same as a child or teenager. It may not even be the same as another adult. Therefore, there are critical periods in life-span development to keep in mind. Critical Periods

With so many people dealing with stress today, there may be a number of reasons why people are faced...

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