Curriculum Development Observation

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1. How are classroom materials changed and introduced in the classroom? Children learn best through active exploration. To ensure that they have a chance to develop a wide range of skills Ms. Ptasinski involves children in a variety of hands-on activities and gives them many activities to choose from.From time to time, she puts away some materials and takes out another to give children variety like seasonal materials: fall, winter, spring, Christmas. 2. How are children’s interests incorporated in the materials offered in the classroom? Children are very interested in new materials. They can’t wait to do new projects, play with new toys that they did not see in a while. They ask lots of question “What we will do with that pumpkin Ms. Ptasinski?” “When we are going to light the candle on the advent garland?” • Do you see teachers adding materials based on children’s interests? Who sets up the materials in the classroom? When is this done – before or during the class?

The materials in the class room are set by the teacher, not based on children interests. During the class she adds the material for new project, makes copies. • How are the children encouraged to use the materials? Is the teacher directing how they use them? Are children free to choose where and when they want to play with items?

Before the children will do project the teacher explain them how to use for example scissors, how she want them to cut a circle, what marker colors to use. If it is a free play they can use it whatever they want. • What areas do children choose to play in? What is their interest level, perseverance, focus and direction while playing? What type of play do you see happening in the classroom?

In that class there is 11 boys and only 3 girls, thus the boys dominate with choosing a play. Usually it is a free play with blocks, trucks. Girls will play in the house area with some boys. 3. What are children “learning” in the classroom centers? The children are learning many...
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