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Assessment task – CYP 3.1 part A Understand child and young person development

Child Development and factors/influences affecting development

The opportunity for children and young people to develop in a loving caring environment is vital to their development. It is important that professional practitioners know the expected aspects and rate of development to ensure that individuals in their care are given the best opportunity to thrive. The following tasks will help you to understand the support that each child or young person may need.

Complete evidence of the following

Within the evidence for the tasks below where relevant you also need to show examples of how you embed the knowledge into your own /the settings practice. Please remember you must show your own knowledge and practice do not copy what is in your research materials. Plagiarism is taken seriously. Task 1 links to learning outcome 1, assessment criteria 1.1 and 1.2.

Explain the difference between

the sequence of and rate of development
and why this difference is important

Using the following provide an explanation of the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth to 19 years.

SOCIAL, BEHAVIOURAL, EMOTIONAL and PERSONAL From birth to 1 year’s babies are learning social and emotional behaviors every day, they will learn through social interactions, relationships and crying. Simple activities should be encouraged to help with their development. Young children will start to find their own identities and start to form strong bonds/attachments with parents/care givers and friends. At this stage of development tantrums may start through frustration and wanting to do things for themselves. Young people undergo several transitions – making their own decisions, testing the limits of authority, forming sexual partnerships and preparing to complete their education and to leave home.

* Use body movements to express pleasure (being fed, bath time, being cuddled). * Prefers to be left undisturbed.
* Enjoys feeding and cuddling.
One month,
* Starts to respond to carer’s/parents by sight.
* Start to smile in response of another.
Three months
* Show enjoyment at caring routines (bath time, feed time). * Watches carer’s face whilst being fed.
* Responds with pleasure to loving attention and cuddles. * Starts to notice movements of others near and around them. * Stays awake for longer periods of time.
* Smiles at friendly or familiar people when played with or spoken to. Six months
* Offers toys to others.
* More aware of strangers.
* Eager and interested in everything around them.
* Start to hold out their arms to be lifted.
* Laughs and chuckles when played with by carer’s or familiar people. * Shows distress when mother leaves.
* Recognising emotion (cries if sibling cries, laughs when others laugh) Nine months
* Use their voice to attract members of family.
* Understands the word ‘No’
* Can wave bye
* Enjoys songs and nursery rhymes and uses hands to clap and wave * Enjoy playful games with familiar people (peep-bo).
* May not welcome strangers
* Will actively resist some changes of activities by stiffening, kicking and screaming * Show likes and dislikes at meal time and bed times
* Enjoys pointing at different objects
* May start to drink from a cup with help
Twelve months
* Understands and obeys simple orders (give it to mummy, wave bye & play pat-a- cake). * Are affectionate towards familiar people
* Cooperates in daily routines (getting dressed, having a wash). * Enjoy socialising at mealtimes. Joining in conversations while mastering the task of self-feeding. * Start to say one or two words like Da-da and Mum-mum.

* Often gives objects to friendly adults
* Knows their own name.
* Likes a familiar adult to be in sight.
* Comfort objects such as teddy’s or...
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