Cyp Core 3.1what Do We Mean Bt the Term Developement

Topics: Child development, Developmental psychology, Psychology Pages: 3 (697 words) Published: July 6, 2013
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What do we mean by the term ‘development’?

We use the term development to describe how a child is biologically and psychologically growing and gaining, skills and knowledge required to progress from birth to adulthood. There are three domains that we refer to for development which are: Physical: How the body grows in; weight, height, head circumference, brain and proportion. The movement skills, gross motor,which are big movements using large muscles such as arms and legs and the fine motor skills which are more precise, smaller movements for example fingers. Cognitive: The development of the mind, thinking, being able to understand, concentration, using your memory, maintaining attention, being able to process, learn and apply knowledge. It is the development of communication, imagination and creativity. The development of sound, sight, taste, smell and touch. It's your intellectual development. Social and Emotional: This is the development of who you are; your self-confidence, selfesteem, self-image, your likes and dislikes, your feelings and behaviour, your empathy, sympathy, morals, values, your relationships with family, friends and partners. It's the development that helps you to make the judgements and choices about your life.

Some aspects of development follow a specific sequence, but Children and young people are all unique in the rate at which they develop. Define these terms with examples: Sequence of development:

These are the ways we describe the order in which development occurs. These sequences are often referred to as 'milestones' or 'stages' of development. The terms show us what 'most' children can do at a particular age. Physical sequences of development in babies, starts with the head, control begins by a baby being able to hold or lift their head and works downwards to gain control towards the toes. The physical progression also follows the inner to...
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