Cyp Core 3.2

Topics: Developmental psychology, Language, Play Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: June 12, 2013
CYP Core 3.2
Child Observation
When child B begins playing with the sand and using the scoop to pour sand over the wheel, she is using her imagination and using equipment and exploring materials which showed good creative and physical development. She calls out “weee weee look it going fast, faster, stop stop” showing her ability to be descriptive and use language for communication. She bends down to check how the sand falls showing physical ability and when she starts to fill a bowl with a scoop she counts as she scoops sand into the bowl using mathematics and showing awareness of measures. When another child attempts to play with B, her disposition becomes hostile until a teacher steps in to encourage the children to read together assisting B to develop relationships with her peers and encouraging self-control when a situation arises that makes B angry. B responds well to adult interaction and very much enjoyed reading with the teacher, all helping with her personal, social and emotional development. She turns the pages herself and names characters and words she recognises, showing communication and language development and also literacy skills, this is also reinforced when later on, B writes her name on a picture she drew . When B is asked open ended questions regarding the book, she responds by predicting the end of the story using great language skills and lots of descriptive words, expressing her imagination and creative development. B later moved to the computer area to play a game that involved using shape and colours again reflecting her mathematical development, She moves the mouse showing physical ability and her use of the computer is developing her information and communication technology and in turn her knowledge and understanding of the world. B’s next activity was to sit alongside another child and begin drawing coloured circles using a stencil, creating a wonderful picture full of shape and colour, showing her ability to be expressive using...
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