Cyp3.1 Understanding Childs Development

Topics: Morality, Psychology, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: March 8, 2012
Unit 022 Understand Child and Young Person Development.

Outcome 1 Understand the expected pattern of development for children and young people from birth-19 years.

The aspects of development are Physical, Cognitive, Communication, Social (including Emotional & Behavioural) and Moral. In explaining the sequence of development I have used guideline ages for when it is most common to see the development. Physical Development

Birth – reflex actions performed without thinking – startle, grasp, swallowing & sucking, rooting, walking & standing. 1 month old – babies are less likely to be startled and start to sleep straight rather than in a curled up, foetal position. 3 months old – can turn and lift their heads.

6 months old – while lying on their tummy can lift their hands and feet into the air. 9 months old – using their fingers to pick up objects and finger food. 1 yr old – standing and holding onto furniture.

18 months old – using their legs to move around an area. Sitting on a sit-and-ride toy and using their legs to push them along. 2 yrs old – running and climbing.
30 months – pedalling a tricycle or push with feet.
3 yrs old – walking upstairs using alternate feet.
4 yrs old – using their hands and fingers to manipulate objects and carry out activities. E.g. using scissors, holding a pencil. 5-6 yrs – the ability to kick and control a ball. Handwriting is more legible and the child has increased fine manipulative movements. 7-9 yrs – drawing and writing is neater, accurate cutting out. 9-11 yrs – greater co-ordination and speed when carrying out both big and small movements. 11-13 yrs – growth and changes to the body (puberty).

13-19 yrs – occasional poor spatial awareness as a result of body shape changing rapidly. Cognitive Development
Birth – recognise the small and sound of their primary carer (mum). 1 month old – babies cry because they hear a familiar voice. 3 months old – start to notice moving objects.
6-9 months old – toys and...
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