Defining Behaviors in Real-life Case Studies

Topics: Human behavior, Behaviorism, Applied behavior analysis Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: January 20, 2014

This paper will illustrate how three frequently occurring human behaviors that were noticeable in the work place. With significant differences in perspectives and varies according to individuals form of behaviors, by using the Hawkins and Dobes’s three characteristics of behaviors such as; referring only to observable, and environment if needed, and also Morris’s three criteria for testing a definition will be incorporated to give a complete clear, and concise description of the behavior being observed. These behaviors were publicly observed. In addition a provided typographical description of the behavior, and a brief description of the process used in describing the behavior and how it was reviewed for accuracy and completeness.

Verbal Abuse Behavior
It was a very hectic midday, and everyone was trying to meet the midday rush. It was one of those days that the weather was not welcoming, and not just a bad weather, but the Environment was not either. The temperature inside was not much better than outside, Hence patrons were all trying to move as fast they could to get out; some was impatient while other were patiently waiting in line, while some patrons fetch themselves hot beverages and soups at the self-served section, others catch on and they too started serving themselves with hot beverages in order to get out quickly. However with constant serving and no replacement all hot beverages were finished; one patron call out Hey! Can someone come over here but there was no respond again the shout get louder still no response, it continued another patron’s echoed profanity, which became a dialogue of unpleasant outcomes with cups and utensils start throwing.

Substance Abuse

Been discreet can be quite a job but not able to properly continue with such part can be the breaking point of an individual’s unknown. It is the bread basket of the family and at whatever sacrifice is needed then this is compromise as it is considered that the...

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