Demostrative Communication

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Metacommunicative competence Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Demonstrative Communication

Communication “defined as the process of sending and receiving messages” (Linda O’Connor, page 5). An effective communication occurs when the sender and receiver are able to understand the information that was sent. Communication is basis human have to express their ideas, emotions, feelings, and though between them. People communicate in different ways such as nonverbal or unwritten communication. Nonverbal communication defined as “all types of communication that don’t involve the exchange of words” (Rogers & Steinfatt, 199, p.67). An example of nonverbal communication is using facial expressions to approve or disapprove an action or opinion. A child knows when he is in trouble with his mother looking at his mother upset facial expression because he should be doing his homework instead to be playing videos games. A child knew how proud his mother was when he received an award at school for his performance during the school year. His mother was smiling and clapping. In many occasions, nonverbal communications if sufficient to transmit feelings such as close the eyes for a moment it could mean an instant of deep thinking. People usually put the hands in their pockets when they are nervous or have anxiety. UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian studied the different ways of people communication and got to the conclusion that nonverbal communication is the most use it to transmit messages. 55% of messages received and processed by your brain are based on your body language. 38% of messages are processed based on your tone of voice. Only 7% of your received meaning will be based off the words you are saying. In a job interview demonstrative communication is as important as a verbal communication because describe how a person is. The way to dress, walk in a room, facial expressions, handshake, hairstyle and makeup are the first message that a person send about themselves before a verbal communication take places. People, who wear...
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