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Study Guide for Out of this FurnaceHIST 2112: US since 1865 Macon State CollegeDr. Matthew A. Zimmerman
Kanute 'Joey' Tant II

Part One: Kracha

1) Describe the types of jobs Kracha had in America. Were these jobs stable? Was the pay adequate? George's first job was given to him by his brother-in-law in Pennsylvania working on the railroad. He helped build and maintain the railroad and he worked on farms during the Summer to help provide food. He didn't make much money working the railroads so, when Joe leaves the railroad to go work in the steel mill George soon follows him. The steel mill pays more, but they work much longer hours. Eventually, there is threat of strike and he is worried about being paid. Given the long hours and hazardous conditions, the pay he was given was hardly enough to make up for it. George eventually buys the butcher shop from a widow and begins to prosper. He's able to buy a house without boarders and even buys land in hopes to sell it out when they build the railroad on it. Eventually, his actions and competition hurt his business and he's forced to put his lots up for sale. Eventually, he's forced to take another job at a mill after losing his butcher shop and all his money to Zuska.

2) In what types of conditions did Kracha live and work? . At the mill, he worked 12 hour days and there are more accidents and injuries than there were at the railroad. Also, there was a big fire which destroyed much of the worker's housing and it was replaced by Carnegie's steel mill company but was also used as leverage. Also, many people would buy a house and then rent their extra rooms in order to get by. George's dream was to be able to afford a house and not have to use the extra rooms for boarding. Eventually, he's able to do that after buying the butcher shop.

3) What was the role of the immigrant community in Kracha’s life? A large majority of his friends and co-workers were part of the same immigrant community that George was part of. They looked after each other, and even helped each other get better jobs when they found them. When his friend's house was destroyed, George offered all that he had saved up in order to help them get back on their feet. They would commonly allow each other to live with them also. George has a bitter outlook on wealthy American's and even voices his opinions to others about why they shouldn't vote.

4) What types of things did Kracha and other members of his community do for entertainment? Did those things have an impact on other aspects of his life? The community was made up of working men who didn't have much time for entertainment. Though, when they had the chance they were at the bar with bottle in hand. Initially, George's life was consumed with working and providing for his family. Once he buys the butcher shop and meets Zuska again, George's life becomes almost consumed with spending time with her whenever ever possible since they attempt to keep their relationship a secret. Because of this, George eventually loses everything that he had worked for, and he regrets how he choose to spend his time and how he treats Elena before she died.

Part Two: Mike

1) How did Mike and Mary make their money? Mike initially works in the mills. He meets Mary and they get married and have children. There is an accident at the mill, pay hasn't increased, and hours are starting to be cut down because of a slowdown. They take on boarders for a short time, but then move and decide not to rent. The pay and hours at the mill get worse. There is an accident at the mill and Mike is killed. Mary moves and lives off the compensation she was paid by the mill company. She does part-time work in between caring for her children. Her oldest son, Johnny, takes up work also and helps with their financial problems.

2) What was the point of Mike purchasing the desk? Since visiting the Dexters', Mike secretly wanted to have wealth that he could show off. After...
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