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How Bronfenbrenner Level Influenced My Decision to Enter Graduate School Lakisha Anderson
Survey of Research in Human Development and Behavior

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In this examination, we will understand the difference each of Bronfenbrenner’s level and understand why and how an individual can relate to everyday life. Each level will be dissected to the root and investigated. I will relate each level, to my own life situation. I will explain how the environment that I am surrounded around which; and his theory motivated me enter graduate school.

The basic of Bronfenbrenner Ecology Level is how individual live and interact in This is how we discover who we are and what we want to become in our environment that can change us or hinder us to grow as productive human beings. According to Bronfenbrenner, children are shaped not only by their personal attributes, but also by the ever-widening environment in which they develop; Children are influenced first by their family, but also but their peer, school and work setting and communities. Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory has influenced the thinking of psychologists throughout the world ever since the scientist first put it forth, particularly in the field of child and youth care, where such models as the ecological onion, cube, and umbrella models have been based on Bronfenbrenner’s theory. The first of these “…reflects an ecological perspective, wherein consideration is given to the reciprocal interactions between human development and the multiple environments in which it occurs.”(Encyclopedia of Education). Bronfenbrenner has five different levels. Microsystem, Mesosytem, Macosystem, Ecosystem, and Chronosystem. Each Of the levels has influence on an individual as they mature in society. In this brief essay, I will define and explain the difference of each level and the outcome that may have on an individual in society. According to Bronfenbrenner, the microsystem is the small intimate environment that surrounding only your immediate family. Example: mother, father, sister, brother, friends and neighbors; People that you may encounter with on a daily basics. The next level is mesoystem contains of the interrelationships among various setting. Ecosystem deals with the border community in us reside in. Macrosytem contains attitudes and idea logics of the culture in which we reside in. Lastly, the Chronosytem is the pattern of environment event and transitions over the life course (Bronfenbrenner, U 1979). Bronfenbrenner, levels affect personal growth in how we can learn from changing environment and what we can do to change the condition. For example: intimate practices, cultural expectation and nature versus nurture. Bronfenbrenner’s approach to understanding. (Crandell,Crandell &Vanden Zanden, 2012. Families are helpful because it is inclusive of all of the systems in which families are enmeshed and because it reflects the dynamic nature of all family rations. It is based on Idea of empowering families. Understanding, families and, their strengths and needs. Thus, we first examine the key elements of Bronfenbrenner’s systems thinking with regards to family functioning. (James &Williams 2006). The levels that inspired and affected my decision to enter graduate school to obtain my...
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