Development from 0-19years

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Unit 004 - 26/02/14
Development from 0-19years
Development of 0-6 months
From birth a baby's physical development is very important. A baby develops rhythm in feeding, sleeping and eliminating. You should adapt to a baby's rhythm as much as possible. A baby grows rapidly, their body weight doubles. You will need to supply adequate food and baby's position frequently; hold and cuddle often. They can gain early control of eye movement, do this by supplying visual stimuli, such as mobiles phones and bright colored objects. Begins to grasp objects, you can help a baby develop this by letting the baby grasp your fingers as you pull him/her up. Intellectual development the baby learns through senses, to help this you could provide the baby objects to see, hear and grasp. A great example of a would a rattle, as baby can see it move, hear it and grasp it. The baby will start to 'coo' and vocalizes spontaneously, babbles in syllables. To develop this you could talk and sing to the child a great deal, repeating many words not just sounds. Social development is when your baby learn to social and react when someone is giving them attention. At this age the baby will discriminate the primary caregiver(usually the mother) from others- is more responsive to this person. It helps the child's social skills is the primary caregiver is not changed before 6 months. Your baby will imitate others, gazes at faces and smiles to be friendly at others. Playing games such as pat-a-cake or peek-a-boo will help develop this. Your baby will liked to be held, played with, tickled and jostled. The baby will also start to smile at themselves in the mirror. Emotional development is very important at this age. A baby will show excitement through waving arms, kicking, wiggling. The baby will also show pleasure in anticipation of being fed or picked up. A baby also shows if its cold, wet hungry or anything that might bother the baby, by crying. You should learn to 'read' the different cries and respond to the crying consistently. Parents shouldn't be afraid of spoiling the baby as crying is the only way the baby has to express needs. A child can also show emotional development by being stressed by loud noises, strange people, objects ,situations, sudden movements and pain. Development of 6-12 months

Physical development at this age is very import because this is when the gross motor skill develop as well. At 8 months the child will start to crawl and may start ton walk at 9 months. At this age it is very dangerous for a baby as he/she is able to reach things crawl up stairs. To help the development of arms and legs, you could provide new experiences that involve arm and leg exercise. The child will also learn to let things go with hands and also put everything in their mouth. You should provide the child opportunity to use their hands, this will help develop the fine motor skills. The baby begins teething, it is good to be patient with the childish crankiness; it would help the child if you gave them something safe to chew on. At this age the child is physically unable to control bowels. Do not potty-train at this age. Intellectual development the child learns through senses, especially the mouth. Providing toys and games that involve all five senses. The child also like to put things in and take things out of mouth, cupboards, boxes etc. You need to keep all small objects or loose parts away from child. The child will like to hear objects names and now will be able to understand familiar words, e.g. eat, mama, bye-bye, doggie. But may not speak until age of 1 or later. At this age the child will find the mother or main career extremely important. The child will also start to talk to you using babbling sounds, it is good to talk to back to the child. Also start to imitate others around him. Eating is a major source of interaction. The child will not play nicely with...
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