Development Observation

Topics: Blue, Seashell, Classroom Pages: 4 (1418 words) Published: March 3, 2014
Observation Two:
The observation was from 10:00 am to 10:30 am. During this observation Marks class was participating in a reading lesson.

The Counting Jar As I entered the classroom I saw a multicolored children sitting mat with the alphabet around the edge. On the left an e-learning white board was hung on the wall surrounded by blue paper with the days of the week posted on it. On the other side of the mat was a kidney shaped light gray table with five blue chairs around the outside for the children and a white and gray patterned computer type chair with a cushioned seat and backrest for the teacher. Stationed in the middle of the class room were four square tables with four chairs each for the students and placed evenly in the space provided. The class room walls were white. The far wall had a blackboard shaped area covered in sky blue poster paper with an olive green outline about 4 feet high and six feet wide. The class room area had an appointed area for the students to put their coats and book bags. Names of the students were on the yellow painted pigeon holes and coat hooks. The floor was brightly colored with light blue and white squares. There is a poster on the wall which identifies the moral focus for the young people per day. Beside it was a number chart and posters that show each color written in its identifiable color. I looked for my subject of this observation whom I call Mark (not his real name). Mark took out his folder from his book bag and put it in a green basket by the teachers’ desk. He took a yellow pencil from the pencil holder with his right hand and signed his name on the attendance sheet. Mark took his book bag and coat to the holding area and put it on his peg. He then went to his desk and got seated.

The teacher, an African-American female, was casually dressed in a blue and white top covered by a yellow long sleeve sweater which complimented her...
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