Development Task 2 Theorists, Cache Level 3 Cyp 3.1

Topics: Developmental psychology, Child development, Lev Vygotsky Pages: 9 (3140 words) Published: March 12, 2013
development Task 2 theorists, Cache Level 3 CYP 3.1
pc[2.1] Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors. A child is influenced by a range of Personal factors such as: - Influences before and at birth eg. Maternal diet during pregnancy or birth itself eg. problems due to lack of oxygen etc. - Health - child who has ill health may spend time in hospital and miss time from pre-school and school affecting their learning on all levels including emotional and social phases of making friends etc. Also conditions like asthma triggered by certain situations could affect child's physical growth and need hospital/doctors visits etc. - Disability - this one is kind of obvious but I also include the effects of a child with disability and also parents with disabilities can have an effect on the child's development. It can put a child at a disadvantage in a lot of ways e.g. If a child had restricted movements they may find it difficult to join in at things such as play, putting building blocks together and manipulating materials etc... - Sensory impairment –Visual or hearing. A child that has a hearing problem would be influenced in their development; it could have an effect on their speech and communication and may make them feel they are not capable to join in with other children’s games. Visual impairment can also manipulate a Childs development they might not be able to watch and learn from what others are doing. They may have trouble learning their way around new environments such as a new school. As each area of education is co-dependent on others a child with a disability could have postponements in all areas of learning so would need support in all areas to help them reduce delays. pc[2.2] Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of external factors. A child is influenced by a range of External factors such as: - Poverty- in diet (nutritional issues could result in a lack of energy and concentration); in opportunities for play might not have funds to have extra lessons such as music/swimming lessons; in poor housing (poor conditions or overcrowding eg. in some Asian families or ill health mould in the building eg leaking boilers); in education (possibly of reduced quality education and limited access to variety of books and equipment eg. internet); in motivation and ambition – a lack of motivation causing sadness to either parents, the child or both, possibly also a lack of motivation to learn etc. - Family / background – drugs or alcohol as well as abuse at home – there are obvious affects but can also include a financial strain from drug and alcohol abuse leading to other diet related issues or broken families. Both sides, high-quality relationship might have a positive effects on the child i.e. lots of stimulation and parents making most of time available or bad relationship, negative effects on child development influence the emotional aspects. - Children's personal choices - the company children keep - with potential of anti-social behaviour or early use of drugs eg cigarettes in upper elementary school or boy-/girlfriends which are more evident in young people than children. Starting and finishing a relationship can be a huge influence on learning.etc - Children in care - not having a stable, loving warm environment as well as lacking reasons why they have been taken into care has a huge effect. - Education and extracurricular activities – many families are being part of the community and participating in activities eg tennis and so furthering and developing many skills. The flip side being those who don't participate who are unable to or restricted finances don’t give them the opportunity potentially don’t develop as well as those, who have the opportunity.

pc[2.3] Explain how theories of development and frameworks to support development influence current practice
Several Theorists have given us the many...
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