Developmental Psychology and Child

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What is development?
It is a creation of an adult by a young child.
Development refers to change that is irreversible.
It is necessary and represents progress.
It is a movement towards maturity and ready to create another generation. In animals the period of development happens in a very short span of time. Humans have the longest childhood; they live in a complex environment to which they take a lot of time to adapt. The Childs life is a complex society.

Adaptation is the goal of human development.

MARIA MONTESSORI believed that this Adaptation takes place in 4 different stages. It is very significant
Each stage is important and are interlinked
They are formed in 6 years cycle.

PLANE 1: (0-6 YEARS)

The infant is born with wrinkled skin
Red face
wispy fine hair
No teeth
Head is unsteady
Bones are very soft
Completely dependent on the adult for all activities
Body movements- he moves his legs and hands in a cycling motion, round and round.

The child has limitless potential
The power of a child is given to him at this stage; he can absorb limitless things in and around his environment. This power is given to him only for a short vital period.
He can take in, soak in, and pull in immense activities that he is exposed to. The sensitive period is from 0-6 years.
Inwardly pushes the child towards a particular aspect of the environment, which helps the child to construct an essential human characteristic. By 3 the child has the ability to move by himself, as adults we should give him all the support and requirement. We take the control of their bodies, which we should not.

At this Period the child is a SENSORIAL EXPLORER.
Vision, Touch, Smell, Auditory.  They gather all the information through their senses.     Children need to hear language, need opportunity to observe, listen and should be exposed to the right kind of environment. Provide them rich language opportunity to speak and listen.

The great search in the Childs life is the question WHAT?
It is the environment that provides the answers, and supports his development. The Montessori environment has a mixed age group so that the child gets a chance to communicate with the society. The major need is need for opportunity. He gets an opportunity to be independent and make his own choice. The child observes every emotion of the adult, and their will is to become us one day, so we as adults should be the way we want our children to be. We should just give him a perfect environment and opportunity.

PLANE 2: (6 – 12 years)
He is an intellectual explorer
Tough hair
Skeleton is ready, hardened bones and muscles
Body is adult proportion
He is strong
Baby teeth has fallen and the adult teeth is grown
Growth is very fast
Features are more precise

The new psychological power is the IMAGINATION, is the power of a 6 year old and above children. They no longer have absorbent mind and sensitive period.
The child can use his past experience and come to a conclusion and differentiate between reality and fantasy. At this age is the capacity to REASON, ability to analyze and logical thinking. Intelligence wasn’t born with him, it is a development in a wide way and it is limitless. He realizes that the questions are endless.

His most asked question at this stage is WHY?
COSMIC EDUCATION, the child wants to know about the world around him. This child is a DISCOVERER; he wants to know about everything that is around him. He is developing a sense of MORALITY, of what is wrong and what is right. He needs to explore a wider home to understand how it functions. He is exploring the unfamiliar things around him.

The child questions fairness and seeks JUSTICE, they admire COURAGE and POWER. They like to socialize and adapt to the society. That capacity of...
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