Differences in Literary Form: Frost vs Rhys

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Differences in Literary Form: Frost VS Rhys
Ericka Ansell
Lyndsey Lefebvre

Literature has so many ways to go about truly understanding it. Using your imagination can be the key to feeling more in tune with the words of your readings. Understanding ambiguity, metaphors and the symbols an authors use can make any reading easier to connect with or relate to. When reading the literary works, “The Road Not Taken”, Frost, R(1916) and “I Used to Live Here”, by Rhys, J.(1976), it's noticed that the two are compare and contrast at the same time. The similarities are there but the differences stand out even more.

When reading “The Road Not Taken”, the author makes it very easy to be involved in the poem as if it may be a life experience of the reader. Not just by reading and understanding it but by using your imagination to put you into the situation he has written. Thinking of a time or place where a tough decision has to be made. Do you make that decision and go with it or do you over analyze it and go with the more obvious decision? It can be a hard spot to be in. The proverbial fork in the road.

Frost explains how he was faced at a cross road. “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood” (Frost, 1916). Using the metaphors given, “Two roads diverged”(Frost, 1916) the reader can put themselves in the place of a dilemma. What do I chose as the right path? Whether you can associate this with a life experience you have already faced or something you have thought about before, this gives you a place in the poem. This uses ambiguity as to describe a situation as such but meaning something so much different and can draw you in to be intrigued by what is to come.

Continuing the reading to put yourself there physically by the settings & tone that are described in the writing. Picturing yourself physically standing where the two roads fork off into two separate paths. Picture yourself staring down two paths of unknown and making this hard decision of which to path/road take and that it may effect your whole life. Put aside any hesitation that you may be feeling and just go with it. Feel the way that he felt. This connection with the author helps feel the poem and not just read the words.

At this point we must not completely rely on the way the story makes us feel but to understand the connection. The personal connection is what captures the imagination, being we have to feel the setting. Add in the curiosity of what road he may chose. Why did he chose it? It seems as if this is a life lesson described. “Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same.” (Frost, 1916) Even though the one path may have seemed to be a better choice for him, after traveling down the road he decided upon, he sees that they are not much different from each other. The outcomes of each road were quite similar to each other. This gives him a sense of relief and security. This gave him the satisfaction and ease he needed to feel the right choice has been made, after all he could have gone down the other road.

The author gives us a sense of relief by the statement of, “I shall be telling this with a sigh.”, (Frost, 1916) by sounding like he is okay with the choice he made. Whether this is a literal road or a life changing “path” taken. The image given here shows us that he is happy on the road he chose and gaining comfort ability. A person making a life altering choice and can relax knowing it was a good decision.

The sentence, “I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” (Frost, 1916) means to the reader that it may not have been the most popular choice, but it was a good choice for him and that is what really matters. Making a decision in ones life that can change it forever can be disheartening. We, as human beings, know that it can be hard to make a final decision that affects us in a...

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