Discrimination: Racism and Visual Poetry Assignment

Topics: Racism, Poetry, 1916 Pages: 3 (648 words) Published: April 1, 2013

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When I was in High School, I never actually had a chance to read and learn about a poem because I was actually in the ESL (English as a Second Language) program to learn basics of English. It was very interesting to approach with the poems in class and assignments that we had. For our visual poetry assignment, I chose this poem, Discrimination by Kenneth Rexroth, and he exposes about faulty logic of racism by narrative voice, showing how undeserved discrimination from the sum of human minority groups. For example, the first three lines are “I don’t mind the human race. I’ve got pretty used to them in these past twenty five years,” and this allude that he is already got used to racism from his social life during 1960s.

This poem was not easy to read with lines because Kenneth Rexroth wrote this poem as an open form. In this free verse poem, he didn’t put the punctuations in formal way, but I think it was very interesting from his writing. However, when I was making this poem in to the power point, I had to come up with the pictures that it relates or means of the poem. For example, the lines, “I’ve got pretty used to them In these past twenty-five years,” so I put like a clock picture because it has common word with time. There are lines that are supporting figurative languages, “I’m sure, if given a chance, They’d kill us all in our beds. And you must admit, they smell.” First I read, I thought he was meaning dead body would smell, but when I kept reading this poem, I realized that he was implying that the racist are smelly like as a dead body, so this would be an antithesis as a figurative language. As a whole piece of this poetry would be an allegory because this poem was made in 1966 and historically, there were a lot of people who suffered from discrimination. So he probably wanted to put these circumstances as a piece of writing, like poem.

In conclusion, a reason that I picked the...

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