Discuss 3 Ways In Which Creolization Ha

Topics: Soca music, Slavery, Caribbean Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: December 1, 2014
Discuss 3 ways in which creolization has impacted the development of Caribbean art forms. Creolization is the coming together of new-comers and cultural strangers in a subordinate society. Creolization has highly influenced the development of Caribbean Art form in quite a few ways; Caribbean literature, fashion and music, all due to the colonial experience. Creolisation has played a major role in the evolution of music into several subgenres and fusions. Calypso is a style of Afro-Caribbean music that originated in Trinidad and Tobago during the early to mid 20th century. Its rhythms can be traced back to West African Kaiso and the arrival of French planters and their slaves from the French Antilles in the 1600s. These slaves, brought to toil on sugar plantations, were stripped of all connections to their homeland and family and not allowed to talk to each other. They used calypso to mock the slave masters and to communicate with each other. English replaced patois as the dominant language and calypso migrated into English. Modern calypso, however, began in the 19th century, a fusion of disparate elements ranging from French Creole and stick-fighting chantwell. Calypso's early rise was closely connected with the adoption of Carnival by Trinidadian slaves, including canboulay drumming and the music masquerade processions. Chutney music is a form music indigenous to the southern Caribbean, popular in Guyana, Trinidad and Suriname. This contemporary fusion of genres was created by Indo-Caribbean indentured labourers whose ancestors were from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal and the South Indian area around Madras. Chutney music evolved to chutney soca . Chutney soca music is a mixture of Indian folk tunes influenced by calypso and soca rhythms, and it has been blended with many of the other varieties of music on the islands. Chutney soca is a genre of music derived from Indian and Creole influences that became increasingly popular in the 1990s, but to describe it as...
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