Distorted Views on Beauty

Topics: Reality television, Flavor of Love, Television Pages: 4 (1459 words) Published: November 27, 2013
Distorted Views on Beauty
Teens spend around ten hours and forty- five minutes a day absorbing media. Media is everywhere. People are constantly influenced and manipulated by celebrities and models they see in television shows, films, magazines, music videos, video games, and advertisements. Women shown in advertisements for cosmetics, perfumes, hair products and other ads all look beautiful, thin, and flawless. Everywhere we look, this representation of women is being presented and repeated. Teen girls are constantly receiving these messages, which gives them an unachievable goal towards size and beauty. (Miss Representation) Males are also learning through the media the way that an ideal woman should look. Many people don’t take into consideration or realize the intense process it takes to make women in the media look the way they do. In reality, looking the way models today look is unattainable for any human being. Women presented in reality shows on television also give young women, especially teens, a misleading sight on how they should appear and act. Women shown in advertisements and reality shows give teens a distorted view on beauty, which makes them feel insecure, disempowered and degrade themselves. Teens feel as though they need to look like an impossible appearance of a woman. In advertisements, women look the way they do because of the intense process it takes to make them that way. First, professional make- up artists apply cosmetics, airbrush the model and style their hair. Next, the models are lit up with perfect lighting and are photographed. Recently, there is more digital technology that is being used. Programs such as Photoshop are utilized to hide, shrink, exaggerate and contour the model. In a video showing the process of making a Dove advertisement, you can see the digital transformation of the model. Her eyes are made larger, her neck is stretched longer, check bones are formed and her face is made thinner.

(Dove Ad...

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