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Topics: Reality television, Television program, Television Pages: 2 (339 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Week four Discussion Questions
Luis A. Resto Perez
University of Phoenix
Introduction to Popular American Culture
Juan Gonzalez
December 05, 2012

Week four Discussion Questions
What specific beliefs, actions, and types of relationships do reality television shows encourage? Provide an example and explain your answer. Jersey shoes is a program that the only thing you can learn is sex, drink alcohol and dance, this program only teaches everyone that if you want live a perfect life you have to have sex and drink day and night to enjoy your live.

Think about your favorite television show. What makes that show appealing to you? Place it in the context of other shows of a similar genre. Does this show offer a new or different perspective on a traditional theme? Be specific in your answer. The program that I chose is Kim Kardashian reality show and the other reality show is Khloé & Lama, Kim’s shows is more about money and pleasures and her sister shows it’s a program who show her life with her husband and being a wife.

Discuss the role of violence in film. Does violence in film encourage violence in the real world? Explain your answer. It’s been proven when a child is brought up on violence, they tend to be violent. If the parents are not nurturing, then film and television will play a major role in forming their personalities. However, violence in society is also attributed to 'social standing' as well. This answer comes from statistics in Law Enforcement studies. Also, children with fetishes are prawn to violence as well. Most everything has to do with environment and the raising of offspring

In what ways do films and television shows relay messages about cultural norms? Provide an example of a cultural norm that was reiterated or challenged through film or television. Fire Proof film is a film made by Christian people, and teaches us to respect, love and forgive our wives, the cultural teaching of this film is about of...
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