Do You Agree or Disagree: College and Universities Must Do a Better Job of Preparing Student for the Workplace.

Topics: Education, Student, University Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Do you agree or disagree: college and universities must do a better job of preparing student for the workplace.

At first glance, it seems very difficult to us to draw the quick conclusion that modern university is perfect enough to prepare the students for future job or not. There are many people who believe that nowadays the universities have desirable quality to prepare the young student for diversity job. However some many people have opposite attitude toward it. As far as I am concerned, I definitely contend that the universities should improve their facilities and way of education in order to arrive at the ideal skillful students in future. My arguments for this point are listed as follows.

One of the primary causes is that the students just know about science of their field. They do not know about other fields. In fact these days the universities nurture one-dimensional students who could not express their opinion about variety of subjects because they do not have appropriate knowledge about them. This trait is so harmful for the society that wants to step forward. For instance, a civil engineer does not know anything about beauty and view of building. In contrast, an architect has not enough information about stability of building. In fact, both of them should know something about each other’s field.

Another reason that I support above statement is that nowadays universities focus on the science materials and they do not pay attention to practical jobs. In fact, today we observe any students who are educated from the well-known universities but they could not work on their major. This group in the university just concentrates on philosophy of science hence they are too weak in practical cases. As an illustration, one of my teachers at high school was an engineer but they could not establish own business because he does not how to handle a real project in his field. In y view, universities should force their students to participate in...
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