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Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, History of slavery Pages: 7 (1547 words) Published: December 13, 2014
1.Slaves didn’t know their mothers or birthdays.  Assess the impact on their mental  well being ?          The growth of the child can’t leave his mother. Care of the mother for the child's future character formation, have a decisive role.  Slaves don‘t know their mother, so they don’t get good care, no  guideline, no direction. The slave don‘t know their birthday, so that they don’t have a sense of identity for self.  It is easy to hurt them as a person's sense of belonging.  

2.  Slavery degraded master and slave.  Masters derived pleasure from abusing chattel.  How would this behavior contribute to their diminished humanity?            Than 400 years of the slave trade, it is estimated that the slaves brought to the Americas from Africa about 12 million to 30 million. The African continent as a whole due to loss of the population of the slave trade, at least more than 100 million people , equivalent to 1800 the total number of the population in Africa.  

5.           Did Southerners treat their slaves well?  They loved to sing.  What was Douglass’ perception about the songs?          The southern slaveholders treated their slaves no good.  Slaves most of the work in the plantations.  Black leaders of slave origin – Frederick , talked about in his autobiography, the average person is happy when singing slaves with songs express sadness and inner sorrow.  Or sing particularly bleak feeling very enthusiastic tone;   Or sing with a very bleak tone particularly fanatical feelings;   Every note, every word lyrics express slaves in misery filled with grief and infinite sadness.  

7.  Who is Austin Gore and his maxims?  What did he do to Demby?  Why?  Gore’s punishment?             Austin Gore is an new overseer at great house . Mr. Gore is ambitious, a first-rate overseer and  he  is cunning, cruel  . He will be looking for all kinds of reasons to punish those slaves. .Ensure that all slaves afraid of him. His maxims is "'It is better that a dozen slaves suffer under the lash, than that the overseer should be convicted, in the presence of the slaves, of having been at fault.'" Mr. Gore was kills Demby,he was  a slave . Because Demby not listen to Mr. Gore warnings . This is not Demby had treated, he should not have been killed.  

8.           Assess:  “was worth a half-cent to kill a nigger and half-cent to bury one”.  What does that reveal about the worth of a slave and their life?             Slaveholders labor without personal freedom can be slaveholders random killing or trading. Fully obey the command can not refuse, can not own people. In the eyes of the slaveholders, they just represent money and instruments of labor. Can not even be regarded as a person.  

  9.           Who were Mr. and Mrs. Auld and what great revelation did Douglass discover while in Miss Sophia’s care?  Was she sincere?  Her husband’s response & why?          Mr. and Mrs. Auld  were Frederick new owners . Patrick have  brought him for them .Throught Miss Sophia’s care,Frederick discovered if he wants to become a freeman , he had to learn read and write .  Miss Sophia had never owned slaves before she marrying Hugh .   She was think that slavery should not be.  She even taught Frederick how to read . But her husband But her husband was angry ,because he believed that slaves could not learn slaves only need to obey the commandments of the master. Once the slaves have the knowledge, they know how to resist.  

11.           Discuss Douglass’s view concerning education?  How did her pursue it?  Why?        Frederick  believes  that education is an important step to become free. He has never given up learning, no matter by how many times the blow.   He believed that to have the knowledge, to be able to save himself, to save others. Have the power to abolish slavery.  

14.           Was Douglass a religious man?  Support your position with Douglass’ words.        He was a Christian.  His opposition to religious discrimination. He advocated that...
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