Draftsman vs Architect

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Architect vs. Draftsman
Architects and Draftsman are very similar occupations but there are a handful of things that define the two apart. And I am going to explain their similarities and differences using the information I have found.

To start with they are both very important to have in our society. Without them your life your life would be very different. You wouldn’t be seeing all of the buildings around you such as your houses, schools bridges and public facilities. They both us their knowledge of engineering and building techniques to come up with a design that they will plug in to a computer aided design and drafting software, and later on to be built into a structure.

On the other hand there are some minor differences that really define the two parts. To put this into a simple way, I think of a Business. The Architects are kind of like a manager. They estimated the cost of materials, equipment and the estimated time it would take to build the structure. Also they meet the client to determine the requirements of the building structure. Using this information they came up with a design that meets or excides the minimum requirements and hands them to a draftsmen. Once obtained they will elaborate more on the design and come up with multiple versions of the design that will be looked at by Architects and Engineers.

And you probably asking yourself what does it take to be an Architect and Draftsman and what are the benefits? Well to be an Architect you need five years Bachelor’s degree in Architect and without any past Architectural experience But you can gain your experience by being an intern and in the long run minimizing the school time. Some of the Universities that have a good Architectural program are “Cornwell University and the University of Texas”. After completing your schooling you will earn about $72,550 a year and will probably end up working full time including weekends to meet your deadlines while a Draftsman can technically start...
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