Topics: Elizabeth I of England, Health, Francis Drake Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Would you want to live in Elizabethan England?

Today, in the modern world, everyone is equal, both men and women can go to school, people have rights to work, to get health care from the government, to decide what we want to wear or what we want to eat. So if you think back to Elizabethan Times, people actually had a poor education, poor health care, poor treatments and the society was not equal between men and women. Now would you want to live in Elizabethan England? In my opinion, I would not want to live in Elizabethan England because of education and poor standard healthcare. I would not want to live in Elizabethan England because of the education. Firstly, it is about position of women in the society. Why am talking about position of women in education? I am talking about it because in Elizabethan Times, women could not allow to go to school so they did not have education. Women were people who depended on men, they just stayed at home as housewives, women were also people without power and less useful in that society and it is all about poor education in Elizabethan England. So that is the reason why I do not want to live in Elizabethan Times because education is so important and that will make my life better. For the next reason, it is about education depended on class system. In Elizabethan England, there were two classes of people and there were the Upper class and the Lower class; these affected to education of people. In the Upper class, there was people who were rich, high rank in society and they had money to get a good education. For example, the Upper class people is Queen Elizabeth I, she studied with private tutors and people had to pay a lot of money for tutors and that means education is only for the Upper Class people. In the Lower class, people did not have money to pay for tutors so they could not get education, and without educate, it affected their life , and if they could get education, they could know their...
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