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Slave Labour’ - or road to a job

Almost 36 percent of the British graduates from university is working in low skilled job, and many of these jobs does not even require a degree. This is just one of the issues the UK is facing right now. Millions of young British people is without a job, and this leads to a huge debate in the UK. While the British government is trying to find a solution for the social problem, the amount of young people who does not have a job is rising. In the article, we meet Ava who lives in Swindon. Ava is one of the lucky ones, she got a job at a small advertising company 6 months ago and have been employed since. Ava is working hard and she is fed up with people who live off jobseekers’ allowance. You cannot get a job without experience and you cannot get experience without and job (line 9 in the article). This opinion has led into a new scheme where people voluntary can get work experience in different companies. The jobseekers is working without being paid, and they must continue to look for a permanent job, while they are in the scheme. Now critics have named the scheme ‘slave labour’ and demands that the companies should pay the jobseekers while they are getting job experience. Discussion and commentary:

The title Slave Labour sounds to me very hard. If you compare the world today with the years when slavery were legal, then I do not see the similarity. People who were slaves were living under conditions that you very rarely see today, in the western world. The slaves were beaten and starved to death in a time, when human rights seemed to be science fiction. I can see a small connection between the people in the text that are working free and slavery. Only because none of them was paid, but beyond that, I cannot see the connection between the title and the condition in the UK. I agree

with the situation in the UK that is heading in the wrong direction. I think it is acceptable that a company is testing a new...
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