Early Childhood Development

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A classroom says a lot about you and your students. When a parent or another outsider walks in your room they there are questions running through their minds like Is the classroom exciting, and interesting, Does it keep your children’s attention? Does your room coincide with the curriculum? Does your room have smooth transitions? Are you using positive redirection tactics, guidance?

In order to have a classroom that functions well all of these questions must be considered to ensure that your classroom is developmentally appropriate for your children in your classroom-, It is important to provide a comfortable homelike environment, which is safe and secure. The definition of a developmentally appropriate classroom to me is one that provides the children with the opportunity to initiate their learning. The classroom should be a place where the materials in the room are individually, culturally, and age appropriateAccording to research developmentally appropriate programs produce students that are less stressed, more creative thinkers, have less anxiety about test, and communicate better. Children develop at different rates, and different developmental levels. There are many factors to consider when creating a developmentally appropriate classroom involved in making a classroom developmentally appropriate, including: the physical environment, curriculum, teacher involvement and parent involvement. These aspects should be integrated so children get the best experience possible from their classrooms.

The developmentally appropriate classroom is a safe, secure, and stimulating place where each child can grow physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Classrooms should consist of developmentally appropriate materials and learning centers for the children to explore. The classroom aura should be calm, because it is that that a relaxed atmosphere is conducive for children to feel psychologically safe. Curriculum must be developmentally appropriate,...

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