Early Childhood Field Experience

Topics: Education, Communication, Teacher Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Field Experience Summary

I chose to do my field experience in Garland ISD at Freeman Elementary school. It’s located off of Walnut near Garland rd in Garland, Texas. I wasn’t sure what to expect, since this is my first time observing in a classroom. The Asst. Principle placed me in two different classes. They were both a bilingual, but one was second grade and the other one was fourth grade. I decided to learn how teachers communicate with the parents of the students that are in their class. Establishing this type of communication is a very important part in making sure the students are doing their best in school and at home.

The communication that both of the teachers have with their classes are similar. The school provided an agenda/spiral for the whole school for the students to use during the year. In this agenda the students write down their homework assignments and the teacher’s are able to write down any notes to the parents and vice versa. The agenda is supposed to be signed everyday by the parents and returned everyday to the teacher. This is their main way of communicating with the parents, but not the only. The teachers also make phone calls to the parent’s when needed. Both of the teachers have a contact list of all the students near their phones. The second grade teacher also send’s home a list of the child’s grades for each subject each week attached is the assignments they did. If the child did below 70 they are supposed to correct it with their parent and return it to class the following day signed by the parent. The other way they communicate with their parents are in person either before or after class or during their conference time during school hours but neither one of these teachers communicate through e-mail. Almost all of the parents of their students don’t have or use a computer. The school also send’s home a Thursday folder that includes any announcements from the school or any important information in general....
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