Economic Issues of Developing Countries

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An excessive development problem is facing numerous nations around the world; these problems are directly related to the developing countries increasing stages of poverty and income inequality. In the 1960s and the 1970s, economic growth was understood for decreasing poverty. The different governments have the ability to further the process towards a “free market type economy” accomplishing economic growth. According to “The woes of economic reform: poverty and income inequality in Fiji” the influences of “economic structural adjustment policies (SAPs)” are the controversy of society today involving poverty and inequality. The poverty level has gone up severely in countless developing countries including Fiji. The process of free market reforms is being increasingly questioned as a policy measure as well as having the capability with a constructive influence on the reduction of poverty and income inequality Biman Prasad explains.

Although, Fiji is classified as a middle-income country more than 250,000 people live in poverty. The article “Politics of race and poverty in Fiji: A case of Indo-Fijian community” that the general election’s outcome in 1999 and 2001 appeared to propose that the Indo-Fijian community voted on the concerns of poverty, unemployment, and absences of opportunities in Fiji. Land leases and the absence of opportunities for both rural and urban areas are a huge cause of increasing concern. This concern is also being recognized by Indian politicians, fighting for political and economic rights for their citizens. A national surveys data observes these concerns involving poverty, unemployment, and absences of simple accommodations for instance water, housing, electricity and other main necessities in life. The urban areas of South Pacific nations are also being observed because of this issue.

According to “The World Bank” a task force was created determining that poverty in Fiji is both an urban and a rural problem. This problem has...

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