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Topics: Data flow diagram, Flowchart, Diagrams Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Business Systems Analysis
Professor Boggs

Jennifer Sherwood Gabriele
Week 3: Problems and Exercises

Chapter 5: Questions 1 & 3

Question 1: Another way to determine information requirements is to review current user policies, system documentation policies, and organizational manuals and policies. Other types of documents to review are job roles and descriptions, external and internal correspondence, and previous organizational studies or reports.

Modern approaches for gathering requirements are prototyping and joint application design. JAD is a methodology that involves the client or end user in the design and development of an application, through a succession of collaborative workshops called JAD sessions. Prototyping is a repeatable process and can take the place or supplement the traditional life cycle process. By creating a prototype the new users will be able to see a model of what the new system will be. Question 3: The ten guidelines I would follow:

1) Held off-site to avoid distractions
2) Remains neutral and does not contribute ideas or opinions 3) Resolves conflicts and disagreements
4) Soliciting all ideas
5) Inviting all of the key people involved with the system 6) Establish a clear set of ground rules before JAD begins 7) Set and follow a clear agenda
8) Develop a JAD workbook ensuring team members knowledge of the project 9) Organizing the JAD
10) Keep the group on the agenda

Chapter 6: Questions 8 & 9

Question 8: Three errors
* Process 1.0 (P2) has only inputs, making it a “black hole”. Data flow DF5 should not move directly from source E1 to data store DS1 without first going through a process. Data flow DF1 should not move directly from source E1 to sink E2 without first going through a process

Question 9: Three errors –
The data store DS1, not DS2, should be represented on the level1 diagram. DF6 is an inflow to sub process 1.2 on the level-1 but...
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