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Ellen Mulhall
Early Childhood Education and Play

In this assignment I am required to complete an 1000-1200 word assignment I am required to:

critique one example of outdoor equipment, indoor play space and materials the age and stage of development it is most relevant to
the type and stage of play it is linked to
the value in relation to children's development
the role of the adult
refererence to theorist
how cultural background should be considered


Ellen Mulhall
Early Childhood Education and Play

Critique of equipment, Play space and Materials
Outdoor Equipment
1. The age/stage it would be most relevant to.
BALL- There are many different types of balls for childen to play with so a ball would be relevant to any age or stage the child may be at. At six months a child will stare at the ball and he/she will enjoy grasping and feeling it, so a ball with different textures would be very interesting for a six month old. From twelve months the child will learn how to grasp the ball and pick it up. From two to five the child is learning how to kick the ball and throw the ball and in the end children learn to kick the ball towards a defined goal.

2. The type and stage of play it is linked to.
The types of play a ball is linked to is physical and manipulative play. It is linked to physical play as the child can excercise their whole body when playing with a ball they do this by kicking , catching and throwing the ball. A ball is linked to manipulative play as the child is using their hands. The child is using Gross manipulative play as they are using their whole hand and arm when throwing or cathing a ball and they are also using fine manipulative play by using their finger muscles and thumb. Playing with a ball is linked to many different stages of play for example spectator, associative and co-operative play.

3. The value in relation to children's development.
Playing with a ball relates to many aspects of the child's development including • physical- as the child physically catches throws or kicks ball. • Intellectual- as the child is is learning how to grasp kick and catch ball. • social and emotional- as the child is interacting with others and also sharing and taking turns with the ball.

4. The role of the adult
The role of the adult is to instruct the children so they can play and explore outdoors. The adult must also provide opportunities for the children to play in pairs or smalls groups. Also the adult should show the children how to get involved and show direct support.

5. reference to theorist
Margaret mcmillan believed that outdoor play would improve children's health. She supported the ideas of Froebal. Mc millan built a terraced garden with materials for climbing and swinging. She also had animals and birds in her garden. She got the children to help her grow plants and vegetables.

''The best classroom and the widest cupboard is only roofed by the sky''


Ellen Mulhall
Early Childhood Education and Play

6. How cultural background should be considered
Childcare practioners should respect all children's different cultural backgrounds. When selecting resources they must promote equality and diversity so that all childen are treated equally and all are included.

Indoor play space
1. Age and stage it would be most relevant to
Home corner- The home corner is suitable for all children at any age or stage of development. In the homecorner there is the play kitchen, plastic plates, bowls, saucepans, kettle, toaster etc. The home corner is suitable for all ages as the children can do alot in the home corner. A 12 month might only pick up plates and bowls and carry them around or pretend to feed themselves with plate and spoon. A three year old might make up a game with others like cooking dinner and shopping.

2. The type and stage of play it is linked to
The type of play the home corner is linked to is...
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