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As stated earlier, the evaluation of the same measurement will varies in accordance with the change in the objective on which the evaluation is made. In other words, difference occurred in the evaluation of a same measure because of the difference in the goals set by the evaluator. It is true in the case of educational evaluation also. Same score of a learner can be evaluated in a variety of ways in accordance with the pre-determined objectives of the evaluator. From the point of view of the class room teacher, the instructional objectives on which the class room teaching is carried on are act as the basis of evaluation. These instructional objectives are determined in earlier. Such an evaluation, based on the predetermined objectives is calledobjective based evaluation. An effective evaluation procedure should be passes through three important processes: a.Formulating the instructional objectives (O).

b.Providing suitable learning experiences (L).
c.Preparing appropriate tools for evaluation (E).
Instructional objectives become tangible and capable of attainment only when experiences are gained. Experiences could be gained only be engaging in appropriate learning activities. Learning experiences serve as a means by which educational objectives are attained. Evaluate evidence regarding the degree of realization of objectives can be gathered in terms of behavioural changes produced as a result of learning experiences gained from learning activities provided as a part of instruction. Thus the objectives serve as the basis for planning learning activities resulting in learning experiences as well as for evaluating eh quality of learning achieved. All the three steps are interdependent and inseparable. It can be illustrated as follows:
Triangle of Evaluation
L is based on O
L clarifies O
E is based on O
E clarifies O
E gives evidence on L
L gives hints to the nature of situation for E
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