Education Systems

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Every country’s university has a different education system. Education systems can reflect each country’s customs. However, they still have some similarities in terms of curriculum and facility; also there are some differences between the amenities around campus and fee structure.

One of the most remarkable similarities is the curriculum of education between the two systems. The students have a great quantity of choice about courses in Charles Darwin University. For example, business, engineering, accounting, art and so on. Although students can choose most of the same courses in Taiwan, there are some specific different subject between these two universities. For instance, students can choose the subject of Aboriginal history in Darwin university, whereas students can choose the subject of the study of religion in Taiwan. Both of them offer language courses for international students.

Another striking similarity between the university is the facilities. There are some public facilities in Charles Darwin University, such as accommodation, several cafes, a post office, a bookshop, a GYM, library. Students also can find some more advanced facilities in Taiwan’s university, such as financial and bank services, supermarkets. In addition, Charles Darwin University has childcare while Taiwan university does not.

In spite of these similarities, there are some differences between two of them.

One of the most obvious differences is cost and payment of tuition fees. In the Charles Darwin University, the cost of tuition has two different types, for local students and international students. For example, the fee for Bachelor of Engineering for international students is $20480 per year but for the local students it is $2000 per year, whereas, international students pay the same tuition fees as local students in Taiwan. They all pay $3000 per year and they can get a scholarship easily. In addition, the international students can get a discount price for medical...
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