Effect of Reality Shows on Youngsters

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Research Proposal on Effect of Reality Shows on Youngsters


Being a BBA student I have to undergo research for 30 days. The research conducted will be exploratory in nature. The survey will be conducted to know the effect of reality shows on youngsters in general. This research proposal analyses the case study on reality television shows and its behavior that affects trends and patterns in youngsters life style and the right viewers exercise in showing reaction has they are empowered to participate in the shows. And it also helps to analyze various types of reality shows that have created a kind of impact on youngsters. Questionnaire method is used to collect the information from the students. Collecting of information is challenging because we have to trace out youngsters behavior from various many different places of the Belgaum city with sample size of 150 - 200. After completion of the survey the report will be analyzed and converted into pie-charts which will help others to go through the report and understand easily.

Problem definition:-
* To know the clear impact or effect of reality shows on youngsters and how does it makes any changes on their life style Need for the study:-
* The need is to analyze the factors which are influencing the youngsters who watch the reality shows and the negative and positive effects on youngsters
Topic of the Study:-
* “To assess or analyze the effect or impact of reality shows on youngsters.”

1. Positive and negative influence of Reality shows on youngsters 2. Study of exposure and change in youngsters trends by watching reality shows 3. Youngsters behavior towards reality shows

4. Analyzing youngsters foul or bad language usage or traditional values that gets affected by reality shows

Sources of Data:-

* Primary Data:
* The respected quality of primary data is collected from the youths /...
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