Effective Communication Assignment 1

Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: October 27, 2012
In the out-[Need a title?]of-class assignment “The Appeal of the Real: Why Reality Television is so Popular”, the author, an undergraduate in an academic writing class seeks to argue that reality television benefits both its participants and viewers more than it harms them. However, the academic writing is ineffective in conveying the arguments the author wishes to present. The essay presented by the author lacks characteristics of an Aristotelian[Truly Aristotle?] academic writing, The main source of noise comes from the fallacies and weak or irrelevant arguments presented as well as the linguistic expressions of the author. As the author defers from the norm of academic writing, the essay is hindered in its effectiveness to persuade its readers. The author poorly demonstrates his thesis by using arguments that are weak. In the essay, the author presents three popular reality television programs as arguments to support his thesis. The arguments, however, are undeveloped as the author over concentrates on describing the reality television programs. As a result, the arguments are hastily added and become weak or contains fallacies.[Since the whole paragraph is about fallacies, just say it contains fallacies or it becomes weak since it contains fallacies- -] In the second paragraph, the author states that “viewers enjoy sharing and celebrating the triumph of an unknown performer on his way to becoming a star.” This claim is a hasty generalisation of reality television viewers as a whole, and is weak in proving the benefits reaped by viewers from watching reality television programs. The author adds “To the losers, the truth hurts but only for a while; soon enough it heals. The show builds character.” As this argument is an opinion of the author that is neither substantiated nor explained, it is weak in supporting the author’s thesis. The noise in the arguments prevents it from convincing and persuading readers in favour of the author’s thesis. This lack of strong...
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