Effects of Excessive Television Viewing

Topics: Television, Violence, Entertainment Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: November 16, 2012
Cause & Effects of Excessive Television Viewing
Is television good or bad for your health? What effects does TV have on children, teens and adults? It’s a good thing to watch TV, but it has to be for a certain amount of time. There are many adults who let their young children watch TV only, because they want to keep them entertained while they are busy. One thing that the parent doesn’t notice is that they are hurting their child more than what they think. Many teenagers these days get home and eat, watch TV, and later on they do their homework, after watching TV for hours. These teenagers are linking themselves to many problems that will affect their brains and bodies in the long run. Lastly many adults watch TV while eating or when they get home from work. These adults aren’t only hurting themselves but they are also setting a bad example for their children.

Scientist recommend that children under the age of two shouldn’t watch TV. It’s better for them to play with their siblings and their parents. Children ages 2-4 may watch a limited amount of TV per week. However, if these kids watch too much television it’s like allowing them to play with fire. This is because excessive TV viewing is linked to obesity, violent behavior and problems with brain development. For these children it’s recommended that they play around with other kids their own age. If you want your child to watch educational programs that is ok, but after a certain amount of time you child should exercise, move around or even practice what they saw on TV. If it is beneficial for them.

Statistics show that K-12 kids these days like to watch a lot of TV. The scientist also show that this may lead them to obesity, problems with attention, emotional health issues, brain development, difficulty in school, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, violent behavior and even sex. Excessive television viewing may lead to violent behavior because many TV shows carry a lot of violence; but they don’t show...
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