Effects of Sugar Revolution

Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: January 30, 2011
An increase in size of slave population as hundreds of thousands of African slaves were imported annually into the New World •Change in racial composition of society – by the mid 18th century. Blacks far outnumbered whites, in some cases the ratio was as much as 25:1 •New laws were introduced to regulate and define the relationship between master and slaves. Deficiency Act was passed to deal with the unequal ration. Siete Partidas was passed by the Spanish, Code Noir was passed by the French and the English colonies enacted their individual Slave Codes. •The African culture was introduced

A new breed of person was introduced. These were the mulattoes and were the off springs of the whites and blacks. •Society became highly stratified – a person was now judged firstly by color and then wealth, so that even a poor white was deemed of a higher status tan a rich mulatto. Economic

Pattern of Landownership changed - before sugar and slavery there were many farmers owning small plots of land on which they grew tobacco and other cash crops. This pattern changed to a few landowners owning large estates on which they cultivated sugar cane to be manufactured into raw muscavado sugar for export to the Mother colony. •Price of land increased

Capitals were invested in the sugar industry. Most of the capital however came from the Mother Country itself. Soon the West Indian planters became indebted to (European) British bankers, investors and merchants •Plantation owners became wealthy. Some of them went back to Europe to live in comfort and style, showing off their wealth. The expression “as rich as a West Indian planter” became the accepted description of any wealthy person. •England collected a lot of taxex and duties and shared in the profits of the Sugar Industry. Later she would use much of the money to finance her Industrial Revolution •The triangular trade provided employment for a wide cross section of people, from shipbuilders to insurance...
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