Effects of TV on children

Topics: Television, Television program, Reality television Pages: 4 (1465 words) Published: February 28, 2014

“Children, Please Tune Out”
Technological advances in the electronic industry have made watching television a prominent source of entertainment. With present day technology being far more advanced than it used to be, advances like HD televisions and DVR’s have turned watching television into a luxury. Television has become an affordable and easily accessible luxury that many parents and their children turn to for entertainment, which unfortunately can have major consequences. In children, watching television can cause poor grades, behavior problems, obesity and risky behavior. Instead of doing homework, studying, exercising and having hobbies children are wasting time in front of the television. While some may argue that watching television can be an effective learning source, it is not. Throughout this paper children are defined as ages 1-18. At any age school requires much of a child's time and attention. Watching television may cause children to get poor grades because it replaces activities that help with academic performance. Children are watching television instead of reading, doing homework, pursuing hobbies and getting enough sleep. Not only does watching television effect these children at a young age, but it has long term effects on their education as well. One study found that, “Watching television as a child affected educational achievement at age 26. Watching more TV in childhood increased chances of dropping out of school and decreased chances of getting a college degree, even after controlling for confounding factors” (Boyse). This study shows that watching television does in fact have significant effects on a child’s memory, imagination, willpower and motivation. Not only do children hinder their ability to learn by turning to television instead of reading and studying, watching television itself has negative effects on language and vocabulary. Television programs that children...
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