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Egghead AnswersBy Burhan Syed 807
The First Day 9-10
Will is literally writing about an ant that he sees on the floor. It could also represent a teenager, such as Will, who is vulnerable to everyone because of low self-esteem or the way people think of him. Katie 11-13

Will has done many weird things in the past like shoving raisins up his nose, catching lice to “study their gestation”, and testing the lick the fence theory and ended up peeling off his tongue skin. Katie thinks of Will as a smart person, who does weird things that other kids don’t usually do. Even though many people see him as an outcast, Katie sees the good things in Will and his love for insects. Katie also understands Will’s life and his reason for everything he does. We learn that Katie’s family has a trouble of its own, her father has cancer. We know that Shane is a mean bully who makes everyone feel bad for his own pleasure. We know this because of the way he treated and spoke to Martin. Devan 14-16

Devan’s perception of Shane and Katie’s perception of Shane are very different. Devan sees Shane’s acts of bullying humorous while Katie sees it as plain mean. Devan thinks of Shane as a funny guy, who is pretty cool to hang around with while Katie thinks of Shane as a bully. Devan sees Shane’s interaction with Martin as a normal thing and he blames Martin, not Shane, for the incident. Shane squashes and kills the ant, which upsets Will.

Katie 17-18
Katie’s little step back tells Shane that she is intimidated by him. Katie is a bystander in the circle of bullying at the start of the scene. Near the end, she is the one who stood up for Will and took action.
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