Ellis Island Essay

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Immigration, Spain Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Ellis Island, which was an immigration station, opened in 1892. Ellis Island was a place where Immigrants from all over Southern and Eastern Europe, Greece, Serbia and Hungary to name a few came to have a chance at getting into America. Immigrants came to Ellis Island for many different reasons such as war, drought, famine, religion, and political and economic oppression. Although coming to Ellis Island was one step closer to freedom, the immigrants still had many more obstacles to face. The immigrants had to face numerous medical inspections, and also legal inspections to make sure they were fit to come to America. Many Immigrants from many different countries for many different reasons, some came just to seek freedom, others came to give their families a better life, and other numerous reasons. Most come from just about every part of Europe, some of these immigrants being Jewish. The Jewish immigrants came to Ellis Island to escape political and economic oppression in Russia and Eastern Europe, Nearly 484,000 Jewish immigrants came to Ellis Island in 1910 alone. Italian immigrants came to Ellis Island in hopes of escaping poverty in their country. The non - European immigrants such to Ellis Island to escape drought, famine, religious persecution, and war. All immigrants had one thing in common though, they all had big dreams and high expectations for the new world. For the immigrants, coming to Ellis Island was only half the battle, passing the health screenings would be one of the most difficult tasks that the immigrants would have to face. The purpose of Ellis Island was to protect the public health of the United States and to also increase the work force. During the inspection, every 2 out of 10 immigrants were marked with blue chalk, this meant that the immigrant was to be inspected furthermore. For many of the immigrants the inspections were often frightening, not only frightening, but also very humiliating, some immigrants stated that the...
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