Emotional Support

Topics: Childhood, Emotion, Developmental psychology Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: November 30, 2013

Child going through infancy are unsure of what emotions are yet they display happiness by smiling laughing and giggling when something interest them. During this time the simplest such as eating can make a child going through infancy happy. I would have to say that child going through early childhood development may suffer from Fear. During this type they are growing and developing and are exposed to new experience in many case they may feel they are not ready for. The child may become shy and unwilling at first to participate in activities, yet with a supportive environment the child will open up and began to have fun and enjoy themselves. Middle childhood development displays more Anxiety, I have chosen this particular emotion because it is one that is most commonly shown but never focused on. During the stage of Middle childhood develop the child is enter into a middle school setting and is exposed to new educational requirements and students. They may feel uncertain about how they should act and begin picking out friends that are somewhat like them. In many cases this is a healthy behavior as long as they do not harm themselves or others. Child going through this stage usually can find answers just by having peers their own age. Adolescence display more Anger not only at those around them but with themselves. During adolescence they become easily frustrated with situations they are struggling to control. They have grown physically, during this time they have gain attentions from the either the same sex or opposite. They have the ability to express themselves emotionally as well as physically. The only true draw back from adolescence is they being to feel they cannot communicate with their parents. Open communication is always the best option during this time.
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