Employment Relationship

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Literature Review: Employment Relationship

Literature review is the method of having some intensive secondary information related with some specific issues and problems. In the context of this fact, the literature review presented within the paper, has aimed to reveal some different dimensions of employee and employer relationship in different cultures. There is a significant impact of surrounding environment and culture over any practice undertaken by a business organization. In this context, the literature review presents some crucial views of different authors and scholars regarding different nature and issues related with employee-employer relationship in different cultures. Employment relationship in the context of different cultures

In different cultures, the presentation of the employment relationship can be done in different manner. There are different important issues and aspects of this relationship which can be explained in different manner in the context of different cultural problems. Explaining this fact further, Singh (2010) has presented the employment relationship at the work place in the Indian context. In the views of the author, in line to the Indian culture, the employment relationship in the Indian is also quite ethical and concerned towards the betterment of the society as a whole. Works ethics and honesty is considered as the prime aspects of the commitment of the employee towards his organization. In response to this, the organizational values are also quite humanistic and in the favor of the employees developments. The author has highlighted the concept of emotional intelligence for the purpose of describing Employment relationship in the context of Indian organizations. As per the authors, managements of business organizations operating with the Indian culture, put emphasis over developing emotional and personal competencies in the employee as it leads enhance the perceived efficiency of the employee at the work place.

In the support of this, Ratnam (1998) has also asserted the diversity of workforce is the major characteristic of the Indian organizational culture. As Indian is a vast country which conceives diversity at a vast level, it becomes quite necessary for the employer to maintain a positive relationship with culturally diversified employees so that intra-organizational issues can be minimized in the most effective manner. In regard to this, issues related with intra-organization conflicts are quite natural in the context of Indian business organizations.

Along with this, Sparrow (2006) has raised one more employment related issues in the context of Indian business organizations. As per the author, lack of motivation provided to employees, large availability of work force, and bureaucratic organizational structure commonly preferred by Indian organization are some of the highlighting factors of Indian business environment. In Indian organizational culture, a strict hierarchy and flow of order is followed, which sometimes leads to weaken the employment relationship at the work place.

These are some of the critical factors and aspects related with employment relationship in Indian context which is quite different with that in the Anglo-American context.
Different employment issues have also been highlighted by Drory and Vigoda-Gadot (2010) in the context of Israeli business organizations. As per the research conducted by the author, Israeli business organizations follow Islamic philosophy for commencing their business operations. As per such philosophy, there must be some specific rules and regulations confined by Islamic laws for the purpose of regulating different inter-organizational process. All the employees are strictly bound to follow such rules and regulation. In the views of the author, proper implication of Islamic law and regulation brings uniformity in the business operations of different related business organizations operating within the...
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