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Topics: Television, United States Declaration of Independence, Little Einsteins Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: January 22, 2015
The article is related to a case about how the creators of Baby Einstein - Disney deceived many parents about the television series that allegedly is supposed to be teaching their children as they watch it. Theoretically making children smarter and somehow improving their ability to learn, which in reality it wasn’t true in the least. Some parents believed that exclusively having their child watch this program would enhance their education tremendously. Disney has subsequently recognized the inaccuracy of the declaration of this program and has since then decided to restructure the projection. The author of the article had the intention to showing the fabrications of the media and the persuasive nature of these multi-billion dollar companies. More than likely the author has children of his own possibly possesses at least one Little Einstein’s digitally. The author’s evidence of Disney’s claim that Little Einstein’s would make children more intelligent, which was completely false hence, the supporting studies behind it suggested that children 2 or less shouldn’t be watching television at all. As the reader, a mother, and from a younger generation of parents all together, I believe that children that watch television excessively lack imagination and tend to be lazy. Educational television is effective but when we start labeling it to be the only type of way children can learn efficiently that’s where we start failing our children. Only a fool would believe that watching one type of show would make their child some type of prodigy. If we really want our children to have their minds flourish we need to read to them whenever we can, play outside and nurture them in every way possible. No, television program could ever create that type of educational experience.
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